Private Label Eye Serum OEM ODM manufacturer

Concord provides our eye serum clients with complete OEM and ODM manufacturing service. They can choose from our mature and proved eye serum formula portfolio, as well as the best matching packaging solutions. Or they can asks us for a custom formulating, based on their market target and requirement of product efficacy. Our formulas are effective to reduce eye puffiness, dark circles, signs of fatigue and eye wrinkles. Below listed some of our formulas for eye serum. For contact us freely for more solutions for your eye serum products line.

Featured Eye Serum Formulas

Youthful Energy Revitalizing Eye Serum

For eye dark circles, a combination of “vitamin C derivatives and Glycyrrhiza glabra” is used to achieve antioxidant ability and melanin-inhibiting effects. For eye puffiness, caffeine is added to provide strong penetration and moisturizing. For fine lines, a high-concentration of anti-wrinkle ingredients, Cononpeptide with Bifida Ferment Lysate, are formulated to promote skin microcirculation and reduce dynamic lines.
For allergies, dark spots, swelling, and wrinkles, it can be used together with eye massage sticks, eye massagers, and other technological techniques to achieve better results.
1.L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) derivative: neutralize free radicals.
2.Cononpeptide: reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
3.Glycyrrhiza glabra: anti-aging, promote cells regeneration.
4.Caffeine: reduce the appearance of puffiness and brightens eyes.
5.Bifida Ferment Lysate: Anti-oxidation, maintain skin stability.
1.The famous yeast factor promotes the natural DNA repair mechanism after ultraviolet irradiation, and resists photoaging caused by ultraviolet rays.
2.Nicotinamide inhibits the transport of melanosomes from melanocytes to keratinocytes, brightening the eye area.
3.Unique core repair technology improves the repair power of the skin around eyes, and effectively combats blue light damage around eyes. Bifida Ferment Lysate helps regenerate stratum corneum lipids and protective lipid layer, plump and tighten the skin around eyes. Cononpeptide smoothes dynamic wrinkles around the eyes, and smoothes and lifts the corners of the eyes. L-ascorbic acid and Caffeine lighten dark pigmentation and reduce eye contour puffiness. Glycyrrhiza glabra, with great antioxidant repair capacity, promote cell regeneration, soothing and anti-aging.
4.Brighten the eye area, no puffy eyes, brighten eyes, improve dark circles, and achieve freedom of expression.
5.Safe formula, mild and non-irritating, 0 fragrance, 0 alcohol, 0 paraben preservatives

Line Smoothing Brightening Eye Cream

Effectively increase the content of proteoglycans, enhance the cohesion between skin tissues, consolidate the deep structure of the skin, and achieve comprehensive anti-aging repair of the skin around eyes.
Contours are fixed, lifted and firmed, and repair instantly.
1.Perigord Truffle: activate cellular anti-aging energy.
2.Caffeine: brighten the eye area and brighten the eyes.
3.Swertia Chirata extract: activate collagen, energize and moisturize.
4.SIRT: core anti-aging ability, instantly smoothes wrinkles and tightens bags under eye.
5.Durvillea Antartica extract: moisturize and delay aging.
6.Cononpeptide: reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
1.Selected Perigord Truffle from South France, precious and luxurious, with anti-aging effects.
2.SIRT core anti-aging technology, directional energy transmission, reduces cell aging and revitalizes cell energy.
3.Activates the skin’s key collagen and elastin, helps tubulin, and maintains the youthful state of the three-dimensional structure of cells.
4.Comparable to medical beauty technology, polar rare + high-energy-storage plants extract, synergistic and efficient peptides, high concentration to rejuvenate skin.
5.Two major booting anti-aging ingredients, help reduce lines under the eyes and effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
6.Instantly lightens lines, maintains elasticity and moisture of eye skin.