Private Label Face Serum OEM ODM manufacturer

Concord satisfy each our cosmetics clients with excellent OEM and ODM manufacturing service, for providing best solutions for face serum. Our serum formulas focus on product effect, such as hydration, lock-in moisture, skin restoration, reduction of wrinkles, brightening skin’s complexion, increase firmness. All our serum efficacy is testing proving and has gained great reputation among users. Our internationalized high-standard material supply, plus our expertise and experience, ensures Concord a qualified OEM and ODM factory for face serum products. Varied serum formulas for different types of skin concerns. Below listed some parts of our formula portfolios. More customized serum formulas can be provided upon inquiries.

Featured Face Lotion and Toner Formulas

Brightening Clear Face Serum

A preparatory serum used before toner. It helps solve problems such as slow onset time, lack of nutrients absorption, and short-lasting effects.
Moisturizes and promotes absorption
1.Decapeptide-4: promote penetration and absorption, adjust intercellular space.
2.Hyaluronic Acid Silanol: promote regeneration, hydrate and moisturize skin.
3.OPTIMEALTHR: strengthening barrier, hydrating and soothing skin.
4.Ceramide: moisturizing, repairing cuticles, defense and protection
1.Double empower skin care rebirth. It contains multiple nutrients of ceramide, with excellent moisturizing and repairing effect.
2.It has a water-purifying texture. When dropped on the skin, it forms a radial pattern. It is quickly refreshing and absorbed. It is soft and non-drying after use, and is easy to penetrate.
3.Three-dimensional formula, accelerates skin maintenance. Unique three dimensional formulation: channel clearing, muscle base revitalization and cuticle repair.
4.Dimension one: decapeptide-4 promotes absorption, adjusts and expands the intercellular gap skin cell gap from 10 nanometers to 430 nanometers. The concentration of nutrients before and after penetrating the barrier is balanced, allowing skin nourishment to reach the basal layer directly.
5.Dimension two: revitalize skin base, activate the absorption speed, use hyaluronic acid silanol to promote skin regeneration, and replenish the skin to achieve better thinning and renewal effect, better hydration, and anti-aging power.
6.Dimension three: cuticle repair, strengthen the skin barrier. OPTIMEALTHR with ceramide, helps strengthen skin barrier, promotes collagen synthesis, improves the skin’s microecological balance, and reduces sensitivity.
7.Ceramide, a powerful defense tool, can immediately repair damaged stratum corneum after being properly supplemented, improve the skin’s moisturizing function, rebuild the skin barrier, and repair and regenerate.

Platinum Anti Wrinkle Serum

Tightening and hydrating skin, anti-age, penetrates layer by layer from the inside out
For people with dull skin and fine lines
1.Hakkin Gensui: fight against free radicals.
2.Iris Florentina extract: firms skin and reduces fine lines.
3.Red algal polysaccharide + OPTIMEALTHR: open the channel of hydrating.
1.Hakkin Gensui, eternal anti-aging factor, provide powerful skin care effects, repair skin barrier, continuous antioxidant capacity, Emitting photons and sound waves, improving elasticity and tightening skin.
2.Rare Iris Florentina empowers youthful skin.
3.Powerful blend of Red algal polysaccharide + OPTIMEALTHR: Red algal polysaccharide is rich in EPA, which can replenish skin with energy and clear the water channels of skin. Together with OPTIMEALTHR, it repairs skin barrier and firmly locks in nutrients.
4.Glowing and clear texture, contains ultra-fine shimmer factors, brings radiant skin.
5.Promote skin elasticity and infuse vitality into skin.

Radiance Double Orange Essence Serum

Instant absorption, SPA aromatherapy experience, triple radiance and moisturizing, all-round whitening, and 5-dimensional skin regeneration.
People with uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, dry and flaky skin, and sensitive skin
1.Arance Rosse di Sicilia: with antioxidant capacity, improve dull yellowish skin.
2.Daucus Carota Sativa (carrot) seed oil: purify skin, improve elasticity, enhance skin resistance.
3.2% Niacinamide of high purity + Yeast extract: improves uneven skin tone, smoothes, elasticizes, suppresses darkening, and refines pores.
4.Anti-allergic complex extract: mild whitening, moisturizing and brightening.
1.The appearance is visually pleasing, no chemical pigments, sourced from natural pigments (extracted from orange flowers, roses), with soothing and moisturizing effects.
2.Light texture, shake it to form micro-crystalline dew, which could be instantly absorbed, without greasy and heavy feeling. It is refreshing and skin-friendly, moisturizing and non-sticky.
3.Bionic sebum oil layer 54% + skin nourishing essence layer 46%, more easily to be absorbed.
4.Sebum-like membrane penetration system: selected multiple plant oils that are close to human sebum, and together with fermented essential oils, which are lighter and more skin-friendly, repair the skin barrier, improve skin moisture retention, relieve dryness, itching and damage, and make the skin more delicate, tight and elastic.
5.Green and natural: No traditional preservatives, no fragrance, no coloring, no alcohol, no mineral oil, no acne-causing ingredients.

Advanced Tender and Moisturizing Serum

Hydrating and soothing
For all skins
1.Crithmum Maritimum: rejuvenate skin cells.
2.Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4: promote smooth and supple skin.
3.Edelweiss Extract: repair moisturized and radiant skin.
4.Magnolia Sieboldii extract: lightening melanin.
5.Dendrobium Nobile Stem extract: instant hydration, moisture retaining.
1.Instantly reveals hydration and plumps up the skin with just one touch.
2.Crithmum Maritimum, third-level rejuvenation of skin base.
3.Double maintenance to build ultimate smooth and smooth skin.
4.Three-color changing “Purple Crystal” brightening factor, smoothes rough cuticles, increases integral luster and makes clear skin.
5.Independent packaging, filling are all integrated in a sterile environment.
6.Hospital-level care that you can enjoy at home. Use it daily with facial mask/steamer for even more effective results.