Private Label Body Cream Lotion OEM ODM manufacturer

Concord has been a leading OEM and ODM manufacturer in private label producing body cream and lotion products for our clients for years. We offer complete solutions from formulating and packaging solutions. Concord body lotion formulas are proven to provide constant and long-lasting hydration for body skin. They restore skin resilience, reinforce skin barrier, for normal to dry, or normal skins. We have more than hundreds of ready formulas and we also accept custom formulating orders. Whenever, you have the needs for fast body cream lotion manufacturing or need special formulations, Concord is always ready to help. Below are some of our features formulas.

Featured Body Cream Lotion Formulas

Brightening Body Cream

For the differences in body skin and provide precise care for limbs.
Lighten rough and dull skin, hydrate and strengthen the barrier.
Suitable for all skin types, especially those with dull skin.
1.Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHAS) + Acerola cherry ferment: dilute roughness and restore fineness.
2.Nicotinamide + Carnosine: brighten limb skin and reduce dullness.
3.Water Soluble Ceramide + Oil Soluble Ceramide: strengthen barrier and repair skin.
4.Acquacell: strengthen the skin’s ability to obtain moisture and enhance its ability to lock in water and moisturize.
5.Squalane, Grapeseed oil, Canola oil, Arginine: easily penetrates the skin surface to replenish lost moisture and help dry skin.
1.Precise limb care: there are few sebaceous glands in the limbs, they are prone to dryness, roughness and scaling, and friction from clothing. Skin barrier is damaged. For the above skin problems, this product has the three-in-one body cream of fineness, brightening and repairing.
2.The 80/20 rule: 20% precise care can achieve 80% of the skin beautifying effect.
3.Creamy texture: light on the skin. After application, the skin feels like it is covered with a layer of essential oil, keeping the skin moisturized.
4.Acerola aroma + rum, bringing relaxation and pleasure.
5.With body scraper, suitable for various body parts such as arms, giving the body a sense of ritual.

Night Softening Body Cream

Unique cold cream texture, upgraded aromatherapy body care ritual.
It melts on the skin, is easy to push open and penetrates quickly. It has a perfect balance of refreshing and moisturizing feel, rejuvenating tender skin.
1.Nicotinamide: high purity, improve dull, dull skin, enhance skin transparency and gloss.
2.Ceramide: repair red and uncomfortable skin, maintain a strong and stable skin barrier, and form a moisturizing and protective film.
3.Butyrospermum Parkii (shea) butter + Cocoa Seed Butter: natural plant oils are skin-friendly, easy to absorb, long-lasting moisturizing, and strong sebum film.
4.Phytosteryl Oleate: efficient and guaranteed.
5.Squalane, Grapeseed oil, Canola oil, Arginine: easily penetrates the skin surface to replenish lost moisture and help dry skin.
1.The innovative texture is non-greasy in summer and non-drying in winter. It feels soft and moisturized in 1 second, leaving tender and smooth skin.
2.The warm melting technology can be used in all seasons. The texture changes with different temperatures. It is moisturizing but not drying in autumn and winter, and refreshing and not greasy in spring and summer.
3.Three major rejuvenations: Hyaluronic acid & polyglucan amino acids to moisturize and rejuvenate skin. 4% Niacinamide improves dry and dull skin and enhances translucent gloss. Ceramides work with plant-derived oils to repair the skin barrier and enhance skin defense.
4.The unique cream has a Q-elastic custard cream shape, which breaks the appearance of traditional cream products and is Q-elastic and plump.
5.The oil-in-water process transforms water with just one swipe, providing multiple essences to protect the skin. All-green, safe ingredients can be used on various skin types.
6.Specially formulated fragrance, instant aromatherapy to regulate mood, the smell is fragrant but not heavy, light and lasting fragrance.

Luxurious Essential Oil Aromatherapy Body Lotion

More moisturizing, melting on the skin and not sticking to clothes, double facial care grade maintenance ingredients, continuous moisturizing and more stable barrier.
1.Shea butter: nourishes dryness and relieves dryness and itchiness.
2.Prunus Persica, Nelumbium Speciosum, Hibiscus Mutabilis, Prunus Mume: flower extracts brighten skin.
3.Hyaluronic Acid: moisturizing skin.
4.Ceramide: moisturizing.
1.3 layers of essential oils + 3 layers of plant extracts, build the skin’s “6D sebum film”, integrate oil skin care and essential oil aromatherapy, and further protect the body’s skin.
2.Triple essential oils: added Monoy oil, rosemary essential oil and grapefruit essential oil for aromatic healing. Small molecule essential oils penetrate deeply to moisturize the skin.
3.Triple essential oils: Shea butter, Meadowfoam oil and Ethyl macadamiate form a water-locking layer on the skin surface, building a 6D bionic sebum film, moisturizing the skin from the inside out, leaving silky and shiny skin.
4.Skin care-grade emulsification and absorption system. The soft texture is easy to absorb. The skin care-grade emulsification and absorption system is refined to create a milky texture that is light and easy to spread.
5.Texture and feel: the silicone-free system is enriched with four cutting-edge ingredients. It is plump, moisturizing and non-sticky. It melts as soon as you apply it and deeply moisturizes the skin for a long time, making it instantly beautiful.
6.Skin care-grade emulsification and absorption, soft texture, easy to absorb, double facial care-grade maintenance ingredients, continuous moisturizing and more stable barrier.
7.The natural plant extract system is closer to nature. The silicone-free system is blessed with four cutting-edge ingredients to add emotional energy and soothe the body, mind and soul.