Private Label Makeup Foundation OEM ODM manufacturer

Concord provides OEM and ODM manufacturing of makeup remover, based on our hundreds of formula portfolio. We can also adjust the formula and make new ingredients combinations to meet clients’ requirement. Our makeup remover formula is capable of instantly and gently dissolving face makeup, oil and impurities. They are suitable for dry, oily, combination skin types. The following is just a few of our makeup remover formula portfolio, which could be quick for private label branding.

Featured Makeup Foundation Formulas

Non-transfer Foundation

Waterproof and sweat-proof, quickly forms a film, no transfer, does not stick to masks or mobile phone screens, high coverage, fine powder, does not clog pores, does not cause acne,antioxidant, and lasts all day long.
Suitable for people: People with dry skin, oily skin, and mixed skin, especially those who like nude makeup and clear makeup.
1.VC Ethyl Ether + Arbutin: improve dullness, modify skin tone, brighten and reveal satin-like luster.
2.Ergothioneine + Resveratrol: remove free radicals, reduce lipid peroxidation, resist ultraviolet rays, reduce skin dullness, and brighten skin tone.
3.Sinocalmant: calms and soothes, inhibits inflammatory factors caused by various reasons, soothes and repairs skin.
4.Myrothamnus Flabellifolia extract: enhance cell vitality, promote metabolism, reduce oxidation, and nourish skin.
5.Medicago Sativa (alfalfa) extract: protect against blue light and protect your skin.
6.Fermented olive oil: gentle soothing, repairing skin barrier, balancing skin water and oil.
1.Moisturizing oil encapsulates plant extracts, which are as delicate as ordinary skin care products. They are easy to spread and fit better on the skin.
2.Hollow spherical powder + elastic oil-absorbing powder + high coverage powder: The elastic three-dimensional mesh structure resists heavy weight and is not afraid of repeated layering, giving the skin a transparent makeup feel.
3.75% skin nourishing essence: a system of 7 major plant essences, which improve makeup and nourishes skin at the same time. It nourishes skin inside and brightens skin outside. It is not dry, stuck or tight, and provides 12 hours of hydration and luster.
4.Ultra-fine grinding technology: super close to skin, no powder stuck or floating on makeup, high coverage to hide pores, modify rough skin, smooth skin texture, create moist and creamy skin.
5.Innovative two-way wrapping technology: sticks to the skin inwardly and no transfer. It has strong skin-friendliness and powder-grabbing power. No need to set makeup when applying. It is waterproof and anti-sweat. The makeup lasts for 8 hours, and the beauty does not fall off.
6.Quick film formation, no sticking to masks, white T-shirts, or phone screen, no powder falling off, no makeup stains, no spots.
7.How to use: after completing basic skin care, apply an appropriate amount of this product on the face, apply it with moist makeup, and gently pat and spread.

Noble Lady Cream

1.Dragon’s blood: originating in the Islas Canarias in the Atlantic Ocean, the resin from the Dracaena tree that cuts through the bark is dried and condensed into a blood clot-like substance. It is a very precious traditional Chinese medicine and has been used as a “blood-activating medicine” for thousands of years. It can help skin regeneration, strengthen the skin’s cuticle barrier and defense system, and repair skin cells and tissues. It can promotes blood circulation and muscle growth, accelerates skin metabolism, eliminates free radicals, and maintains skin elasticity and firmness.
2.Hydrolyzed pearls: it contains three trace elements, including copper and zinc, are the components that make up SOD. Since SOD has the effect of remove free radicals, applying pearl powder on the face can prevent skin aging and wrinkles, inhibit the synthesis of melanin, and keep the skin white. With internal and external nourishment and continuous conditioning, it can maintain youthfulness and delay aging.
3.Daemonorops Draco extract: it contains active compounds, flavonoids, which protect the body from free radicals. “Compendium of Materia Medica” recommends it as “the holy medicine for promoting blood circulation”.
4.Cordyceps Sinensis extract: promote skin metabolism. It contains substances recognized by the beauty industry: cordyceps polysaccharides, amino acids, polypeptides, nucleic acids and vitamins.
5.Qiong Yufang: A thousand-year-old Chinese patented recipe that effectively inhibits tyrosinase activity and eliminates ABTS free radicals.