Private Label Face Lotion OEM ODM manufacturer

Concord OEM and ODM manufactures best quality face lotion and toner for our clients. We has accumulated more than hundreds of lotion formulas and continue to update our formula portfolios with the latest technology and ingredients. Our lotion formulas are capable of provide all day around hydration, smooth skin fine lines, clear up clogged pores, remove dead skin cells and so on. Our blend formulas are rich in functional, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients extracts. Besides our proved lotion and toner formulas, we can also custom make cosmetic ingredients combination for client’s special purpose. Below are some featured face lotion and toner formulas we private label for our customers’ brand before.

Featured Face Lotion and Toner Formulas

Nanoscale Infusion Hydrating Essence Lotion

Nanoscale source pure penetration, quick and instant relief & streamlined formula & pure beauty
Easier to penetrate the skin, contains a variety of nanoscale elements, relieves dry skin, soothes redness, and moisturizes the skin
For dry, combination skin, damaged barrier, oily skin, fragile glass skin
1.TREHALOSE: infusion of hydration deep into skin base, continuous release of water energy and quick absorption.
2.Gentiana Scabra extract: reduce inflammation and red blood filaments, effectively soothe and reduce allergies.
3.Matsutake extract: reinforce skin’s repair power, strengthens it from inside out, resists damage.
4.Erythritol: natural highly moisturizing ingredients, refreshing and hydrating, and non-sticky.
5.Thermal Spring Water: contains a variety of natural mineral elements, to soothe and hydrate skin.
1.Soothing and moisturizing: Gentiana Scabra extract instantly relieves dry itching, inflammation, stinging and burning, relaxing and soothing skin discomfort.
2.Backed by Nano technology: water molecules are separated into small molecules that are easier to absorb and penetrate, so that the water can be easily absorbed by skin and provide strong moisturizing.
3.Moisturizes and soothes face after sun exposure: thermal spring water, plus Erythritol, can relieve irritation, dryness, tightness and heat.
4.Streamlined formula: 10 ingredients, only necessary functional ingredients are added to eliminate irritation from the source, and ensures pure beauty.

Multi-functional Soothing and Hydrating Essence Lotion

Proven moisturizing and soothing effect; streamlined formula without unnecessary additions; deep sea extracts provide simplicity and effectiveness to skincare.
Light texture deeply locks in moisture for skin. Hyaluronic acid supports three-dimensional moisture storage and promotes metabolism. The ultra-small molecules deeply soothe and repair skin. It has multiple effects to stabilize skin.
For dry, flaky, dull, sensitive skin
1.Tremella Fuciformis Sporocarp extract: hydrating and lock in moisture.
2.Prebiotic + OPTIMEALTH: enhances skin barrier, maintains skin balance, regulate flora, and stabilize skin.
3.Durvillea Antartica extract: Replenish energy to skin and repair skin in multiple dimensions.
4.Hyaluronic Acid: lock in moisture and hydration, super moisturizing.
5.Coccoloba uvifera: forms a moisture barrier.
1.Awaken skin’s hydration energy, deep infusion of Hawaii deep sea small molecule water into skin, activates skin’s hyaluronic acid to increase its natural moisture.
2.Multiple compound hyaluronic acid penetrates layer by layer, to promote moisture locking in the inner layers of skin, making the skin hydrated and shiny.
3.Small molecule water, extracted from the deep sea of Hawaii, is rich in a variety of mineral ingredients, which improves skin tolerance and repairs the barrier.
4.The tenacious Durvillea Antartica extract replenishes the energy needed by the skin and clears the water supplement channels for skin.
5.Purely natural plant essence lotus water soothes sensitivity, purifies skin, and enhances skin’s clearness, and long-lasting hydration.
6.Coccoloba uvifera hydrates skin, Tremella polysaccharide is skin-friendly and locks in moisture, double hydration, relieves dry skin, moisturizes, soothes and repairs skin.

Repair Essence Treatment Lotion

Repair effect, tested soothing efficacy, natural, no pigment
Energy essence lotion that repairs and rejuvenates the skin, leave skin instantly moisturized, smoothed and plump.
For dry, flaky, dull, sensitive skin
1.Edible Algae Spirulina extract with purity of 99%: promote the synthesis of AQP3 aquaporin, effectively lock in moisture, repair damaged stratum corneum, and improve sensitivity discomfort.
2.Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate: soothes skin irritation and redness, and has an anti-inflammatory effect similar to dexamethasone.
3.Dendrobium Officinale extract + Portulaca Oleracea extract + Centella Asiatica extract: improve skin hydration capacity, anti-inflammatory and repair damage, relieve pain and redness, and relieve skin tightness and discomfort.
4.Compound Ceramide: rebuild skin cells, and enhance skin barrier.
5.Marine Bioactive Peptides + Bifida Ferment Lysate: repair light lines and antioxidant.
1.The skin tone will be even and smooth in one week. Fine lines will be reduced and pores will be refined in four weeks.
2.Key ingredients: Marine Bioactive Peptides and Algae Spirulina extract: effectively reduce dry lines and fine lines, leaving skin plump.
3.Hydrogel transport mesh: build a three-dimensional empowering network for the skin to achieve rapid moisture and nutrients penetration, leave skin long-lasting hydrated.
4.Serum-like lotion, it infuses instantly, provides long-lasting moisturizing, and effectively promotes absorption of subsequent skincare products.
5.Soothing effect can be tested in vitro through genetic engineering. Glyceryl Glucoside is formulated into the blend especially for sensitive skin.
6.Natural, no pigment: no traditional preservatives, no allergenic fragrance, no alcohol, no silicone oil, no mineral oil, no allergenic ingredients

Water-free Energy Essence Lotion

Plant cell water, more nourishing, no preservatives, no unnecessary additives, water-free formula
Quickly hydrates, removes yellowness, improves tolerance, adjusts water and oil balance, and nourishes skin after staying up late at night
For all types of skins
1.Bifida Ferment Lysate: regulate microecology, balance oil, and inhibit harmful bacteria of skin.
2.Hyaluronic Acid: fast nutrition infusion, quickly penetrates deep into the skin to replenish moisture.
3.TREHALOSE: natural moisturizing factors, powerfully moisturizing skin surface.
4.Rose distilled water + Asiaticoside + Ectoin: moisturize, nourish and antioxidant repair.
1.Water-free, formulated with multiple ingredients, it is an upgraded version with high concentration essence without adding an extra drop of water.
2.High-concentration of Bifida Ferment Lysate strengthens skin’s microecology and improves skin tolerance, in multiple dimensions.
3.Freshest rose distilled water, 1:1 fresh distillation, no dilution cycle, retaining more complete nutrients and rose fragrance.
4.Zero added high-energy yeast water, deeply conditioning and repairing the skin, and can be used with peace of mind even for fragile skin.
5.Multi-effect skin care, three major complex formulas of high-performance ingredients and 1.5 times stronger penetration for faster absorption.