Private Label OEM/ODM Cosmetic Manufacturer

Concord High-tech has been one of the leading private label OEM and ODM cosmetic manufacturers in China. We have provided complete and mature custom cosmetic formulation and packaging service. Our cosmetic products line includes facial cleanser, face lotion and toner, face serum, cream and mask, foundation, makeup remover, eye serum, body wash, body cream lotion, hair care products, as well as cosmetics products for kids and children. We have made thousands of proven and effective formulas either for cleansing, hydration, anti-aging, whitening, soothing, or reinforce skin barrier, maintain balance and so on. We provide private label production based on our ready formulas or formulation based on clients’ targeted samples or market strategies.

What we offer?

Concord helps our cosmetics clients with complete solutions from brand marketing consultation to finished products supplies.

Skincare Custom Formulation

Formulation determination

We can serve clients’ various needs of ingredients, textures, colors, fragrance and effect, with our proven existing formula portfolios, as well as customized formulation. All formulas will be tested to be safe and effective with our equipment.

Skincare Customized Packaging

Packaging solution

We have comprehensive package solutions of vast types, tubes, plastic bottles, glass bottles, color boxes, to perfectly match clients’ brand marketing positioning. We ensure each packaging to be perfect in style, safety and printings.  

Skincare  Packaging Design

Packaging design support

We provide seamless and free support for your inner and outer cosmetic packaging design, with our experienced and responsible team. We can help realize your ideas and preference into design details, with creativity and aesthetics.

Skincare  Mass production

Mass production and delivery

Strict and tight control of our production quality is always our first priority. We would never ignore any tiny imperfection and mistake in each batch of products. Scientific manufacturing process control is our key to achieve success.

OEM/ODM Manufacturing Custom Cosmetics Products 

Who do we help?

Concord offer a detailed OEM/ODM manufacturing service to our different types of cosmetics clients, to meet their unique needs and beyond.

Skincare Brand Owners

Cosmetics Brands

We offer best cost/performance cosmetics production service for brand owners, which could both optimize your supply chain, but also add varieties of product types and series.

Skincare  E-commerce Brands

Online Brands

E-Commerce plays an important part in cosmetics product marketing and sales. It features fast growing and rapid changes. We can best assist clients with these challenges.

Salons and Spas

Salon and Spa

At salon and Spa stores, customer have instant contact of the products. It requires solid and instant effect experience. It could be realized and supported by our products.

Skincare  Start Ups

Start Ups

We offer tailored support to new cosmetic companies with our profound experience, who wish to explore the market of beauty at lowest cost and risk. We shall be good partners.

How to work with us to custom build your own brand of cosmetic products?

Step One: Discussion of targeted market

Share with us information of your targeted market area and end users, such as user age, skin types, climates, brand positioning, launch time and retail price.

Step Two: Determine products details

Let’s decide the products type, conceptions, content texture, effect, color, fragrance and container. Also share with us the targeted sample products.

Step Three: Sampling content and package

Concord provides content samples and package samples at within a short time. We can provide formulations based on our own portfolio or samples.

Step Four: Production and delivery

All products mass manufacturing will be strictly carried out with the requirement of consistency and compliance. Timely delivery is always promised.

OEM ODM Cosmetics Products Testing Equipment

Agilent HPLC
Agilent HPLC
Agilent GC
Agilent GC
Agilent AAS, AFS
Agilent AAS, AFS
Callegari Soft Plus Skin Analyser
Callegari Soft Plus
VISIA Skin Analysis
VISIA Skin Analysis

Agilent HPLC: It can monitor the banned substances, the content of toxic and harmful substances (such as sex hormones, antibiotics), and the purity of active substances in each part of the products in the entire production chain to ensure the quality and safety of the cosmetic products to be manufactured.

Agilent GC: It is commonly used in quality control of flavors and fragrances, and testing of raw material purity (such as sunscreen, pigments, methanol, formaldehyde) to ensure the safety and effectiveness of cosmetic raw materials.

Agilent AAS, AFS: It can detect the content of lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium and other heavy metals in raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products of cosmetics. Effectively ensure that products comply with regulatory requirements.

Callegari Soft Plus Skin Analyser: It can evaluate skin oil, moisture, elasticity, wrinkles, texture, transepidermal water loss rate, melanin content, skin pH, pigmented pores, gloss, etc. to ensure the efficacy of the product. It can also conduct HRIPT experiments to strictly control the irritation of the formula, to ensure the safety of cosmetic product.

VISIA Skin Analysis: Using advanced optical imaging, RBX and software technology, skin spots, pores, wrinkles, texture porphyrin, UV spots, and brown spots can be quantitatively assessed. Provide intuitive data for the improvement of our skin (whitening, wrinkle removal, pore shrinking, etc.) by our products. It has a complete evaluation system, from sensory evaluation of product skin feel to product efficacy evaluation, providing data support for the development of new products and product upgrades.

Private label Cosmetics Products Safety Testing

Human Repeat Insult Patch Test

Human Repeat Insult Patch Test
HRIPT is to identify irritation or allergy response.

Chorioallantoic membrane vascular assay

Chorioallantoic membrane vascular assay
CAMVA is to simulate human eye blood vessels for irritation testing.

Zebrafish experiment for testing cosmetic formula effect

Evaluate the safety, mild irritation, anti-allergenic effect, whitening effect, repair, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, etc. of cosmetics and their raw materials. Due to the high similarity between the zebrafish genome and the human genome and the transparent nature of zebrafish embryos, fish embryo experiments often have a short cycle and high reliability, and the experimental results can more intuitively display the characteristics and advantages of certain formulas.

Zebrafish experiment Whitening effect

Zebrafish experiment Whitening effect evaluation: 6~8 HPF embryos are placed in samples of different concentrations. After culturing for 72 hours, the whitening efficacy of the test samples was evaluated by observing the changes in melanin content through the deposition and distribution of melanin on the surface of the zebrafish embryos.

Zebrafish experiment Tissue repair efficacy evaluation: The regenerative ability of zebrafish embryos is very powerful. After cutting off the tail pedal, the wound immediately tightens and is covered with epithelial cells. After 12 hours, spore-like cells appear under the epithelial cells and the tail knot begins to regenerate. Therefore, experiments on selecting zebrafish juveniles for wound healing and regeneration are of considerable research significance.

Zebrafish experiment Tissue repair efficacy evaluation
Zebrafish experiment Anti-inflammatory anti-acne efficacy evaluation

Zebrafish experiment Anti-inflammatory anti-acne efficacy evaluation: The tail fin of transgenic zebrafish is removed with a surgical blade to induce an inflammatory response. Green fluorescent protein-labeled inflammatory cells can be observed in real time under a microscope to gather and subside at the wound. This model is then used to evaluate the impact of the sample on the inflammatory response of zebrafish.

Zebrafish experiment Antioxidant efficacy evaluation: Oxidative stress refers to the excessive production of highly reactive molecules such as reactive oxygen species (ROS) when the body is exposed to various harmful stimuli. The degree of oxidation exceeds the removal of oxides, and the oxidation system and antioxidant system are imbalanced, leading to tissue damage. Therefore, detecting the ROS levels induced by compounds in the body can reflect whether the compounds cause oxidative stress in the body.

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